Triumph Rocket III Roadster Coming soon in india 2013

The Triumph Rocket III Roadster Bike is a perfect streetfighting cruiser. The Triumph Rocket III Roadster is very extraordinary and not normal. In fact, the torque that is featured as standard is outstanding that no other motorcycle can stand to deliver as this.

Triumph Rocket III Roadster Bike starts and stops quickly and also sounds amazing. It has the ABS standard and you can just twist and go.

The engine is DOHC, liquid cooled, inline 3 cylinder. The rear brakes are 2 piston and it is equipped with single 316mm disc. The fuel efficiency is 29 MPG in the city and on the highways it is 45 MPG.

The instruments coming fitted with the Triumph Rocket III Roadster is an Analogue speedometer with LCD odometer, gear position indicator, trip information, analogue tachometer, clock and fuel level indicator.

Rocket III offers a fine balance and is a good useable machine commanding respect in all levels, whether it is cruising the streets, highways or hustle turns effortlessly.

Individuality is unique and Rocket III offers a complete generation of bikes. It has stunning looks, detail attention, muscular performance and the presence of it is simply unique.If you want to complete details of Triumph Bikes just single click here. And also get here Upcoming Triumph Rocket III Pictures online.

It has three fuel injected cylinders and offers amazing output.

Rocket III is not a special motorcycle, but an extraordinary one.


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