Honda CBR600RR Launched Globally in India 2013

Honda CBR600R is a super sport bike of 2013. The earlier version won race titles in the racing tracks. Honda CBR600RR is featured with 4-cylinder, liquid cooled in-line engine and 16-valve. It has peak torque 66Nm and 118bhp.

Honda CBR600RR Bike Photos

Honda CBR600RR is equipped with 6-speed transmission. This is equipped with 310mm discs; dual radial mounted and has 220mm rear single disc brake.

Honda CBR600RR Bike Photos

Honda CBR600RR is now developed facilitating to be used on the street, besides the race track. The price is anticipated as Rs.6.5 lakh. The colors available are Red, White, Red and Blue. The striking features are self start, digital fuel gauge, hydraulic disc brake, alloy wheels, low fuel indicator, analogue techo meter, high oil temp indicator and low battery indicator.

Honda CBR600RR Bike Photos

Honda CBT600RR was launched first in 2003 as a racier version. It was widely acclaimed as it went off the production line. It won every super sport title since its inception and had a perfect record as the bestselling vehicle.

Honda CBR600RR Bike Photos

In 2009 Honda released CBR600RR the sport bike. These technologies available were the Honda’s Pro-Link rear suspension and Dual Stage Fuel Injection.  Owing to its racing characteristics, it has an aggressive riding position with braced swing arm and exhaust system, giving a complete new look and meaning. It altered the meaning of being a company known for manufacturing street oriented sports bikes.

Honda CBR600RR Bike Photos

In 2005 it came with a change such that the bodywork was revised adding new aluminum frame, adjustable inverted fork, radial mount brakes and rear shock.

Honda CBR600RR Bike Photos

In 2007, the weight was reduced and the machine became 20 pounds lighter. The bike had aggressive styling and the chassis was highlighted with Fine Die-cast technology.

In 2009, a slight redesign came and there was new bodywork done on the engine and updated color schemes. Above all the big news is that it came with ABS. It also will be adjusted based on consumer response. You can find here collection of Honda CBR600RR Bike photos online.


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