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Bajaj Discover 125M vs. Honda CB Shine

The Bajaj Discover is back in expected domain, with its 125 DTSi engine. Here’s out we have set a stage for it against the altogether pioneer of the taxonomy, the Honda CB Shine, to check whether it can change the think to drive with passion with full zealot.

Hereby, the surge of competition becomes much die-hard that has frequently produced some fascinating models through the years. Hence, today we will measure up two bikes in the 125cc engine classification – the Discover 125st from Bajaj and Honda CB Shine. The Discover 125st is the later contestant on the way in the mid of the last year whereas Honda Shine has been around for around 3 years now. While both bikes are in the 125cc segment, thus, they have had the capacity to offer truly a couple of better specs in examination to the companions.

On accordance to the fuel productivity is the single biggest main component for bikes here, ride solace comes a nearby second, particularly since most companies now have fuel effectiveness figures inside a kilometer or two of one another for each liter of petrol.

Thusly, in agreement to the mileage productivity, as stated by Honda Motorcycles, the CB Shine can convey something like 65 km/l under standard test street conditions. In examination, the Bajaj Discover 125cc conveys around 67.5 km/l under comparable conditions. Do note that the mileage that you infer on true conditions may be inconceivably divers.

In core of the central viewpoints, both the bikes are best introduction so far in such brilliance of mileage with performance at affordable price module, Bajaj drive better than the best with comply of technical features with reliability.


Bajaj Discover 125 DTSi

·    Engine: Single cylinder, 4-stroke, air cooled, DTS-i
·    Power: 11PS @ 8,000rpm
·    Torque: 10.8Nm @ 5,500rpm
·    Kerb weight: 119.2kg
·    0-60 km/h: 6.2 sec
·    Top speed: 102.2 km/h
·    Fuel efficiency: 68 km/l
·    Price (ex-showroom): ` 48,000

Nonetheless, the Bajaj Discover 125 DTSi comes with the same basic features like the rest of its family on sorts of good mid-range sound, easy handling and good dynamics that offers better fuel efficiency.

Honda CB Shine

·    Engine: Single cylinder, 4-stroke, air cooled
·    Power: 10.8PS @ 7,500rpm
·    Torque: 10.8Nm @ 5,500rpm
·    Kerb weight: 121kg
·    0-60 km/h: 6.9 sec
·    Top speed: 94.8 km/h
·    Fuel efficiency: 62.5 km/l
·    Price (ex-showroom): ` 52,000

The Honda CB Shine is the most running bike so far now and first choice among the riders at reasonable and pick up ratio with more excitement and style!